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Say NO to emails and resumes

No more searching through pile of resumes or emails. Find the best fitting person fot the job on Stafter.


No more interviews

Get all trusted and confirmed information about employee on Stafter. Check their picture, experience and their rating from other employers.


No more blind hiring

Hiring process can never be more transparent, you select particular workers and the first one to accept your job offer gets the job.

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Create your employer account

You could be a company who is looking for a new employee, or need a substitute employee for a few days. Or you are an individual who has one time job for someone with qualification like a babysitter or maid.

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List Job Preferences

List things like position, salary, address and instructions needed to successfully complete the job.

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Browse For a Match

Browse our list of verified workers and confirmed experiences. Sort them by their rating of alredy completed jobs and distance to your location. Once job offer is accepted, they may start working within an hour.

How it Works


Create your employer account and verify your phone so we know you are real peson and can be reached.


On Stafter you can look for backup / substitute worker, part time or full time employee.


Create new position with all important information worker needs to know to make the best judgement of what are the requirements if he or she is the best person for the job.


Browse list of workers that satisfy your requirements. Check their experience, rating, profile picture and other information.


Rest assured that all listed ratings are from actually completed jobs on Stafter.


Send job offers straight to workers cellphones with information listed on the job right through the text and can be on their way.


You can save your favourite workers for a fast hire in the future.


Once the job is accepted you will receive the confirmation and employees phone number to connect if necessary.


Once the job is done, you can rate your hire and overall satisfaction with the new worker.