Why is Stafter so awesome?


No More Emailing Resumes

No more updating paper or email resumes, have your experience listed and confirmed. Have your stafter profile as online resume.


No more interviews

Get pre-screened and offered the job through Stafter. It is then you who decides weather to take the job or decline it.


Get hired instantly

Hiring process can never be more transparent, once offered the job, it is the matter of a few clicks before you get hired.

How it Works


Create your worker account and verify your phone so we know you are real peson and can be reached.


List your most relevant experience to the job you are hoping to get hired for. We will go ahead and confirm it for you, however those who fake their job experience will be banned from using Stafter in the future.


Once done with listing experience tell us about where you live and what jobs offers you want to get.


Create your profile picture for better results. There is higher chance of being hired when your resume is completely transparent.


You will receive job offers by email and text. Accept it only if you are completely sure that you are the best person for the job.


Once the job is completed, you will receive rating by the employer reviewing your experience and quality as a worker. It is extremely important to receive possitive rating to get more and higher jobs in the future.


When you receive an offer, you also receive all instructed information about the job to make a good judgement weather it works for you or not. You may accept it by simply texting back with the job number or doing it by the mail or online. Once accepted, you will receive the exact address for the job.


With higher rating you will be shown higher in search results, more pay and employers will trust you more with new offers.