For Employers

Post a Job

List Positions

Your business will have the same position for years, why should they expire on Stafter either?
Once listed, they will stay in Stafter collecting valuable applications.

Open / Filled Positions

Once you hire someone, switch position status to Filled and it will be moved to a Filled Jobs section where workers can preapply for it.
The day your worker suddenly pulls a No Show, this will be a life saver.

Browse For a Match

In case of emergency, you can always browse Stafter list of verified candidates and search based on their experience and previous employers/coworkers reviews.

Stafter Money

Simple spread sheet tool that allows you to create monthly profit to loss reports. Great for keeping track on your current expenses and sales numbers. Allow your manager to access and edit numbers so you can stay tuned with your business monthly profit. Visit Stafter Money HERE to learn more.

Time Station

Want to know exactly when your employees come to work and when they go home? View their daily and total hours, calculate weekly or monthly payroll. Track their attendance and much more. Visit Stafter Time Station HERE to learn more.

Stafter Pager

Want to keep all your contacts / employees up to date with the updates or shift changes? Now you can do so with Stafter Pager, you can send text updates to all or only select Stafter contacts at once. Visit Stafter Pager HERE to learn more.