Getting Ready

Getting Ready

In this chapter we will discuss first steps that are required on the way to find the best fitting job.

What's your personality?

That will determine what kind of job you are better suited for. Make a short list of things that describe you as a person, type an introduction, a summary of yourself that can be used in a resumé.

Example: I love being around people and bringing something positive to the team I’m working with. I enjoy daily challenges and finding ways to solve them, and helping people find solutions to theirs.

I always complete the task at hand before taking on another one. Serving people and providing the best quality, working on improving feedback, and making customers feel a sense of belonging to a larger community are my goals.

Figure out your schedule

How much time can you dedicate to a job? Full time? Part time? Gigs?

Sometimes the amount of hours a day you can work and the amount of money you need will not align and you will probably have to make sacrifices and adjustments to your life.

Example:I don't have kids, but am married, so it's important for me to spend some time with my wife in the evenings when she gets back from work.

That will mean that I can work anytime between 6am and 8pm, considering time for transportation. If I have to travel 30 mins or more, that would shrink available hours.

Making a list of your experience and referrals

This will be different for two categories of people.

If you had worked or interned in a few places and have experience, this will be just a matter of writing it all down. Remember people and their contact information that you can use as references.

If you are just starting to look for your first job or have worked in one job for many years and are starting to look again, this chapter will be a hard one to fill.

No need to panic - we all started from here. You must have done things when you were growing up, it doesn't need to be an actual work experience for a company, but a hobby.

Example: When I was growing up I was on the swimming team for 10 years. I helped my mother with her travel agency shop designing logos and sometimes with computers etc.

Many summers we would organize a car wash with my friends with a few buckets of water and towels in hand. This will be enough to start.

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