Job Search

Job Search

Now is the time to set straight on getting the best possible job in the shortest time.

Job hunting is a job

Many people fail on this first step. If you are reading this and you are serious about finding a job, I have good news for you - you already have one.

If you had decided to look for a full-time 9 - 5 job, those are exactly the hours you should dedicate daily to working on finding it.

You will most probably have to start right away and won't get another chance to arrange your schedule, so set your routine and do not procrastinate.

Where to look

First you need to set up a passive job search, cast the fishing nets for fish to come into them before you set offshore to actively fish in the sea.

Places like Stafter "which is here, all is left is to sign up" or Craigslist allow you to have your resumé listed for potential employers to see and reach out. The more places, the merrier.

It's also great to have even if you already have a job. You will open yourself up to potentially better offers.

Keep updating your resumé several times a year. If you keep your profile active on Stafter, you will have job offers sent by employers for your review.

Online and news papers

Look on websites. Again, Stafter (even though Stafter doesn't have a wide variety of open for view jobs available for search, some employers like to post their jobs publicly instead of reaching out directly to candidates) or Craigslist is a default place for retail shops and small local businesses to post a job opening.

Visiting potential businesses

Many businesses will post hiring signs to their storefronts. Sometimes they don't, so it's still effective to scout places in person.

Friends and family

If you had worked somewhere before, that means you most probably had coworkers or friends, and if they had left and found a job somewhere else, you should stay in touch in case they can hook you up.

Keep in touch with every good prospect

If you didn't get a call or interview from the first time, it is not a reason to give up. Many times employers already have someone in training, but if new trainees fail, you can have your chance.

Try to learn the reason why you didn't get a reply or call back. Maybe you weren't as transparent or didn't read the job post well.

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