Making a resume

Making a resume

In this chapter you will learn the most important parts of making your own resume.

Resumé Header

Every time you talk, text, or email, always start from an introduction. It's also very important to mention where you live, though you don't need to include the whole address. Just mention a street name, city, and zipcode.

It might be to your benefit to include your date of birth. Even though you can't be hired based on your age, having a more transparent resumé is always to your advantage.

List your email and phone number. If you don't have either, you absolutely must get them. Create a free email with gmail or anywhere else and make sure that you have a working cellphone on you at all times.


Construct your experience timeline and make sure that there are no blanks in your timeline for more than 2-3 months. if you were not working for longer than 3 months, include a legitimate reason.

Employers don't like candidates who are fine with being unemployed for long periods of time. It shows your character in a bad light. Hardworking steady candidates will always win the fight over someone who jumps from job to job every other month.

List your job title, duties, and job description

Make them sound good, but don't overdo it.

Example: Cleaning and Organizing Manager - was in charge of maintaining the condition of floors, restocking supplies, and managing the cleaning team. Real title - Janitor is a bad example of exaggerating your title.

A good way to list your title is a Cleaning Guru, maintained cleaning condition of all surfaces and facilities, restocked supplies, and worked in a team with other gurus.

Never copy/paste template resume

Chances are that there are thousands of people before you who read and copied this article or sample resumé. Employers see these resumés many times a day and it is a big red flag.

I can't remember how many times I have seen "Objective:to obtain a rewarding and challenging position in which I can apply my extensive sales and customer service skills." while applying for cashier or food delivery positions. What kind of challenges can you have delivering food or accepting cash?

That sample resumé was made for a corporate office job by someone 20 years ago and job seekers keep blindly copying it.

P.S. Stafter is great at making an actual resume right here just by going through sign up process and listing all your experiences and information about yourself. Thousand of people had already done that completely free.

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