Starting a new Job

Starting a new Job

What are the important parts of starting a new job. We will talk about it here.

Arrive early

For the first 2 months you have to prove that you are a very responsible person by arriving 15 minutes early every day.

That will prove to employers that you are a trustworthy and responsible person who they can rely on and do not have to worry whether you came on time or at all.

Due to the high turnover of employees in many businesses if you didn't come 15 minutes past your starting time, it's considered that you quit.

Document everything

How to get to work and back, in case your transportation plan A fails and you need a plan B.

Document the job responsibilities. If you are a driver, write down and memorize a route.

If you are a waiter, write and memorize the menu.

Get to know your team

Be very respectful and friendly

Make coworkers like you, bring coffee and donuts to win their favor - you will need it.

In case you fail on your first week or month, they are your only backup and those $10 you spent on coffee and donuts will be worth your paycheck.

Don't ask for money advances

We all go through tough days. But the last thing any employer wants to hear is a new hire asking for money upfront.

Do this only as the last resort, because you might be crossing a line of no return and let go.

It will raise concern about your stability and bring constant headaches overtime, and chances are that it's true.

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