Things to avoid

Things to avoid

Places we will go to when in the biggest need of money and job. Last resort when all attempts to find a job fail. These places will pry on your hope and belief in them to work.

"After all, there are many people who found a well-paying job through them”, we will keep saying to ourselves. You will end up wasting your time and giving money to places that pry on hopelessness GUARANTEED, so we want you to avoid these places at all costs.

Talent Agencies

Unless you decided to make it life as a professional model. It's almost always a scam. They will charge you for a photo session and the printing of your pictures, and send you to go get a job.

They will promise you contracts with big companies for media and advertising and claim many of their models having landed big.

It's a lie. Agencies like that don't look for talent and don't advertise or post ads. Talent looks for them and you would need to work hard to get on their books.

Employment agencies

They will charge you upfront and many times keep sending you to places you are not not qualified for just to make you make 5 trips and then make you pay again.

Some agencies will take 30% or more of your pay for finding you a job.

And you will most probably hate working there, which is the reason why their turnover rate is so high and they constantly need new workers.

Any courses

Bartender or any professional courses that promise to teach you bartending skills and find you a job in one of New York’s best bars if you pay for the course first are a scam.

Don't fall for it.

Real estate sales jobs

99% of the time they promise you the world, but deliver a snow filled globe.

You must also firstly get licensed, which takes 6 months or longer. So unless you have money to pay for a real estate school and exams, and have 6 or more months for the whole process, give them a miss.

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