• F Welcome to Stafter NEW YORK, NY 10016

    Pay: n/a

    Details: We appreciate you being part of Stafter.

    It's a place for employers to establish connection with you and also a safe chat room to exchange information or messages.

    Here you will receive proposals for a job with all details attached to it.
    It's up to you to accept it or to reject.

    Keeping connections is a great way to keep in touch and reach out later once you become available or decide it's time for a change.

    If you decide to disconnect from employer, you can only be reconnected by employer with different job proposal.

    If you would like to be hidden and not be bothered by employers and emails, you can always switch your status to "Unavailable" by clicking link "Work Settings" on the profile page and changing status from "Available" to "Unavailable".

    Feel free to reach out to us here at any moment by replying to this message, i will try to answer any questions you might have.