Our Story

Stafter as an idea was born in January 2014 and launched in June 2015 by Sergey Patrikeev and the team of small business owners who noticed a huge gap in retail employment market in New York.

Stafter then expanded to Seattle area and quickly became on of the leading hiring platforms.

Most online resources and hiring agencies are focused on corporate jobs leaving local businesses with an old fashion posters on the store front “Hiring”, one of the very few ways to find workers.

Craigslist and hundreds of emails, among which you will find people shouting “Hey, Im your man for the job.” not an ideal market for quality candidate searching.

Another major flaw is a need for reposting the same job every time your employee jumps the ship, and in small business that can happen pretty much any day, No Shows are very regular here.

Every small business owner knows that hiring process never stops, even for 2 people operation. The day you slow down on keeping candidates flowing, you will end up covering for 2 people both shifts while trying to call for any backup, no matter how good it is.

What is the hardest thing in having your own business?

Finding quality people.